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Thursday, April 7, 2011

ciflse a

Last weekend, me and my significant other went to the city. We were going to go to a couple of galleries, but it was such a beautiful day we decided just exploring the city streets and laneways of Melbourne was be a much better idea. We even checked out a lovely looking park that we'd always driven past and talked of visiting, but never quite got round to it... and we are so glad we finally did.

(My super-talented sig. oth. took the pictures of me, and of the butterfly. He does get his picture taken, too... maybe I will start putting more of them on here!)

I wanted to be comfortable for walking around a lot, and, even though there was all that beautiful golden sunshine, it was actually not all that warm. I have had this dark green cardigan for, oh, maybe 5 years now, and almost donated it – but I'm very happy I didn't. I do find it hard to find good knits that I like; I am really quite fussy when it comes to cardigans and jumpers, and whilst I can enjoy the benefits of acrylic and nylon et al., I really want pure wool, cashmere, or at least heavy weight cotton. What can I say? I like nice things!

I am pretty sure I have worn everything else here on the blog before. I love how I have things for years and they always seem right. What are your staples? Do you have things you go back to each year?

ciflse n

ciflse o

ciflse p

ciflse j

cardigan :: witchery
1970s dress, tan leather belt :: opp shops
grey tights :: um? Actually, I really want some more cable tights in grey this winter.
tan brogue heels :: brunswick street shop, long ago.
bag :: courtesy of mimco
sunglasses :: forever new, last summer

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