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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Here are some of the Star Trek comic book & record combos produced by Power Records back in 1975. The artwork in these comics was provided by Neal Adams' Continuity Associates (incl. contributions from Adams himself, Russ Heath and Dick Giordano), and the stories were written by Space: 1970 superscribe, Alan Dean Foster. The dramatic audio plays are pretty good - these two stories in particular are designed to make good use of the format - but suffer from not having any of the original actors involved.

As for the comic book art, it's generally terrific - but these books are somewhat notorious for making Sulu into an African American, and Uhura a blonde!  The Animated Series' Lieutenant M'Ress appears in "Passage to Moauv," but instead of being drawn as a felinoid, she looks like an Orion slave girl!

I still have this one!
There were additional Star Trek audio dramas from Power Records that appeared on LP s and 45 RPM records throughout the latter half of the Seventies, including a few that tied-in with the release of  Star Trek - The Motion Picture in 1979.

There are several sites on the web devoted to Power Records, where you can find MP3s of the records and pdfs of the comics. I prefer The Power Records Plaza, myself.


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