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Thursday, September 27, 2012

UPDATE: After a spirited discussion in the comments, we have decided to keep the template as is. For those of you who prefer black-on-white to read, we remind you (as commenter K S Ferguson did) that you can scroll down to the end of the post and click on "comments." Just under the title you'll see "Show Original Post." Click on that and you'll get the simple text. We trust that will take care of the major issues discussed here. Thanks, everyone, for chiming in.

From time to time, loyal readers, we have gotten a tweet or a toot or an email asking if we might consider changing the look of the Zone from white-on-black text to black-on-white. It is said the latter is easier on the eyes. And while we like to make trouble in our fiction, we don't want to do the same to our readers.

So let's talk about it. Would you like us to make the switch? Do you feel strongly one way or the other? 


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