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Sunday, September 30, 2012

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Happy Monday! I thought I'd start the week with a post using the last picture of my last post. This was a couple of weekends ago – honestly, September has flashed by far too quickly. We were, and still are, in that stage of Spring when we can still have some cold days (the last few have been like winter!) but the sun is that much brighter. It is already time to squint in the daylight!

I am glad of the cooler weather in some ways though, as I get to wear some of my cold weather clothes that haven't been taken out enough. This skirt is a long time favourite of mine that I've had for over ten years. I love the suede, the draping, the fit. I bought it in an op shop in Putney and it is by Alaia. Yes, one of my best finds!

The colours of it can be a bit difficult, though. Navy and dark olive green mean it doesn't work with black, and navys are often too different to put together. I realised that the colours of my Modcloth bird dress would be a perfect match, and the draping in the skirt would hide any tucked-in-dress bulkiness! A match made!

There is also something that falls somewhere between amusing and satisfying that the outfit ticks the boxes of that old magazine wisdom checklist: mix vintage with designer and high street. Of course I don't attempt stick to this rule but it made me smile to realise I had done it unintentionally. The shoes are local Australian designed Gorman, the skirt cover vintage and designer (oh but is that cheating?)(and vintage in a different sense to the usual, for me) and the cardigan and bag fill the high street requirement, from Forever New and Asos respectively. The cape is by Asos, too, and perhaps rounds off the checklist nicely, as it was thrifted from a local second hand-op shoppy-ish store.

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It was also a really lovely, bust Saturday. We started at one of my favourite places to go for Breakfast in Melbourne, Cheerio in Richmond. We then had some shopping, and waiting and using of the kids' colouring in machine, to do at Ikea, and finished off the afternoon at a friend's house, eating ash chevre and pate and patting black cat Albie, and Babycat's white-with-a-small-grey-smudge-on-the-head brother, Pudd. Can you see the resemblance?
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