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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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leaving for hobart outfit b Hi! Apologies for disappearing for so long, it's just been one of those weeks. Here I'll pick up where I left of in my last post, when I was ready to head of to Hobart, Tasmania, with a girlfriend. I had such an amazing time, and I can't believe it was almost two weeks ago already! babycat suitcaseYes, I was really, really tired that weekend, getting over a cold. I packed the night before, with the help of Babycat. babycat suitcase bAlthough she did slow things down a bit. packed vintage suitcaseWe eventually got there. As much as I like the look of these vintage suitcases, they aren't entirely practical. I need a new overnight bag. Something a bit lighter and easier to carry! sensible shoes red broguesI knew I'd be doing lots of walking, so I decided to wear sensible shoes. I didn't really have any room for heels, so flat brogues it was all weekend. These ones are from asos and are incredibly comfortable! leaving for hobart outfit aAnd so the next morning I did my best no-I'm-not-tired poses. ethos gateAfter a quick flight and cab ride, it was time for lunch. We went to Ethos in Hobart. ethos wayI love the old buildings in Tasmania and Hobart city centre. We headed into a courtyard. ethos menu water glassI liked how the menus were in old book covers. sky from ethos hobartIt was nice to sit outside under blue skies at the end of winter. We had coats and so were warm enough. The fresh air felt really good. ethos brickworkAnd it was nice to look around the old converted courtyard. ethos bread and butterWe were HUNGRY! Simple bread and butter and extra salt tasted so so good. ethos bread and butter bWe were in a hurry to it eat, really! beetroot vennison ethosAnd then, mains. Oh, some of the best food I've ever had. We ordered caramelised beetroot and venison... rabbit ethos... and rabbit. Amazing. My favourite was the venison. I want more! I'd like to try and cook something similar at home. I'd have to do it soon, though, before it gets too warm. ethos honey cakesDessert time! We were going to have just one to share, but the lovely waitress (who looked like a young Nigella!) suggested the honey cakes, and we couldn't say no to salted malt ice cream and rhubarb, so we had both. ethos rhubarb dessert salty maltyWoah. ethos honey cakes 2We were glad we got both. The honey cakes were a new experience... yum. So unbelievably good. ethos me coffeeCoffee was essential to keep me going. spoooooonUm, yum! I am definitely going back. We left with happy bellies as it was time to go to the ferry, and head off for the island for Mona. leaving ethos gates


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