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Monday, April 23, 2012

leaf face bautumn bird dress
As I promised yesterday, here is that perfect Autumn Melbourne day we had yesterday! Thanks so much for the lovely comments on the bird dress. It is a favourite and I am so looking forward to wearing it more, now that it isn't a bazillion degrees! Hooray for Autumn, it's my favourite season!
autumn leaves toes
So, on Saturday, I decided it was time to pretend I was feeling completely better, and so we headed out. First, breakfast – muesli at Mixed Business, one of our favourite cafes. It was still warm, so I thought I'd have that summer regular one last time.
exhibition centreowls at finders keepers
Then it was time to head off through the crunchy golden leaves to the finders keepers market. I didn't think I'd make it down, but I'm so glad we went. It was my first time inside the Royal Exhibition Building, and it's amazing in there.
royal exhibition ceilingfinders keepers market caseroyal exhibition ceiling detial dome
royal exhibition window
There was so much purdy stuff at the markets. I was chuffed to see Melbourne favourites cyclestyle, who had a beautiful, and very busy, stall! It was a bigger market than I expected too. So much cute stuff.
for girls vintage
I love how the tables and chairs were bobbins.
bobbin seats
We then walked through Carlton Gardens. It is finally, truly, properly Autumn here! I'm SO excited. I don't know why, really, I just love this time of year.
autumn trees carlton gardensautumn trees leaves carlton gardensautumn church spireautumn park melbourneautumn park melbourne 2
And then we headed over to my nephew in law's 11th birthday party... the light was so beautiful all afternoon.
party balloons
And that was my Saturday! Completely exhausted me to be honest... nanna had to go home and revive herself with tea!
magical autumn light in trees


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