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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Info Post

Hazel Osmond wrote a lovely, funny piece just for FLY HIGH, "Men talking about love",  and though the giveaway contest linked to it is now closed so you are a bit late to win her "Who's Afraid of Mr Wolfe?", you should catch up and read it,  if you missed it last week. Especially if you liked Richard Armitage as John Thornton or Guy of Gisborne.
I'm sure Suwaida and Cailin liked the blog post since,  after reading it,  they decided to enter the giveaway and they won! Congratulations to both of them! They are going to receive a signed copy each of Who's Afraid of Mr Wolfe? very soon.
Thanks to all of you who read and commented. I'm sure you'll be luckier next time. New giveaways coming soon!
Finally, my gratitude to Hazel Osmond for granting FLY HIGH her presence and our readers the double chance to win her book. Good luck and great success to her!


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