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Monday, April 30, 2012

orange collar vintage dress buttons borange collar bowred platform jc shoes seamed dear gladys tightsorange collar cardiganorange collar vintage cardi borange collar vintage dress buttons
When it comes to dresses, I definitely have a type. Well, I have a few, of course, but one major type incudes a peter pan collar and button details. These prim little dresses catch my eye every time, and I have to make an effort not to buy dresses that are too similar! I've done pretty well, so far, and have a nice amount – although there is, of course, room for more.

This is what I wore last Thursday, a cold, rainy day that was also very dark, and I found it hard to take photos. I think I need to experiment with some more photo-taking spots..! It'll mean I can share more of my home, too, which I would like to do. The dress is vintage from etsy, (and has a matching mini cape and I'll wear both soon – just not when it's windy because the cape blows up and delivers a pert little slap to the face, which I do not care for), the cardigan is from asos and I should have bought two because it's been so useful, the bow at the neck is from a package (hooray for online shopping!), the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell and super comfortable, and the back seam tights with the flower detail at the ankle are from one of my favourite Melbourne shops, Dear Gladys in Northcote.

I am sure this is, you know, a thing with lots of people, but tell me, do you have recurring types when it comes to clothing?


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