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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

wardrobe winter
Looking at the pictures from my Sunday (which I will share soon) I can't believe how much the weather has changed! It is now, in fact, freezing cold (well, ok, almost freezing) and I can't wait to start wearing my winter vintage again. I'm kinda hoping we get a bit of cooler-but-not-so-damn-cold days but we'll have to see! I'm so looking forward to it though. There are dresses, 1950s wool ones and 1940's rayon ones to be worn!

I am also looking forward to something special that's coming up very soon, too. I am going to my first blogging conference in May! I am SO looking forward to it. Blogging can be a bit of an insular business, and I've been chuffed to actually meet some of my fellow Melbourne bloggers over the years. It's so important to do that! One of the first bloggers I met was the absolutely lovely Phoebe of Lady Melbourne, who invited me to a high tea way back in my early days of my blog. She has been such an inspiration over the years. Definitely a pioneer! I can't wait to hear her speak at Fashionopolis on May 12th, which she has put together with Nuffnang. There are some other great speakers, too, and I know I will learn a lot from the day. Everyone says what a great time they have at blogging conferences and now I can join in! I've found just having coffee with other bloggers is hugely helpful (not to mention fun!) so I think this will be truly amazing.

It would be great to see some of you there, too. Are you coming? If you see me, come and say hi! I'd love to meet you!


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