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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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On Sunday I decided I could either feel sick and sorry for myself on the couch, or I could go for a walk and "take the air" and improve on things. I thought it would be the perfect time to risk wading well and truly into all out fey territory and wear my Edwardian child's dress; if I am walking in the Victorian bush (or Yarra Scenic Drive, in the middle of Melbourne, to be precise) why not get all Picnic At Hanging Rock? Of course, going on long walks require sensible shoes. I've had these boots for years and they're still super comfortable. And they seemed rather appropriate anyway... ha! The dress does do up all the way, but, fragile as it is, I thought it best to leave the top button undone. I get quite active, you see. I blame it on the "ostrich branch". I found the ostrich-feather shaped leafy twig a few steps in, and it was quite the country walk companion.

I think these pictures actually captured the moment that the season finally changed here. The sunny picture, the third one down, is how the walk started. Before long the clouds came in and there was a big rain storm – and we had a text from friends wondering if we felt like cocktails? Why yes, yes we did. Indoors sounded like a good idea. Tequila and guava, yum. Then it was home, back through the rain and a rainbow, for dinner. I am going to do a lot more of this walking this winter. But not always in Edwardian dresses!


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