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Monday, September 26, 2011

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vintage forties dress

Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my last post – and I almost didn't put it up! Only because they are pictures in my bathroom. The light in there comes from the windows near the ceiling, which is very high in there, and that's why my roots are a-glowin'. That and the fact that yes, I need to get mah hair did! If anyone wanted to make mine red for me I'd say yes in a flash. It's a big job...

I have been having a lot of fun lately with what I 'spose are 1940's hair dos, not that I am trying to be era specific or anything like that. I am just enjoying having big hair, rolled up high! In fact my hair was so high today it was getting bashed around on the roof of my car... oh dear. Still, it survived.

And I would LOVE to make a video on how to do this hair style! I am planning on doing a no-talking one, with music; we don't need me talking all the time! I've seen quite a few videos like this and love them, and in this case it would be perfect. I love the videos that the wonderful Elsa Billgren does. Check out her makeup and hair ones. Great, aren't they! Speaking of makeup, I have been sitting on a makeup idea for a while, and think it's time to hatch it! Now I'm committed, I guess I should say watch this space..! ;) I'll give you a clue: it is about vintage makeup styles. I want you to join in. I think it will be fun!

vintage forties dress c

AnyHOO. This is me last on Saturday. I got up really late, ironed a 1940s floral dress, decided it was too cold for it, and wore this 1940s/early 1950s one instead. It is new (to me), so this is the first time I got to wear it. I love it – those buttons down the back of the jacket make me so happy! Yep, buttons on jackets can do that..! I love small details.

vintage forties dress d

(It's funny how brown can be such an overlooked colour when it comes to dresses. I think brown can look dull on the hanger/in a picture, but it's a great colour to wear. Anyway, chocolate is brown, and chocolate is nice! Good logic, right? I often find myself ignoring black clothes; they either look boring on screen (because I can't see the details) and I assume that anything old and black is, in fact, going to be old and washed-out-dark-grey. I hate washed out black. It makes me sad. But I find brown really flattering (in fact, it looks great on lots of colourings) and it is a good basic colour too. I am looking for some turquoise, green and blue bracelets that will look great with all sorts of colours, including brown.)

I bought this dress knowing that the white peter pan collar (I know, I know, I am ADDICTED) wasn't quite pristine. When it comes to fabrics such as cotton I am pretty fearless of stains, as a good soak in Napisan lifts almost anything. Almost. It can also make things disappear for a bit, only to return even darker when you next wash it. As I'd soaked this and then hand washed it in regular washing powder (I have a thing about my clothes always smelling laundry fresh) (no, really, I sniff them to be sure)(yes, it's terrible for vintage clothes, but so it goes) I found this to be the case for me. Still, it is a lot better than it was! Almost perfect. The other problem with soaking can be that colours run. This dress was colour fast for the first few hours, but then I noticed some of the reds from the brown dye were seeping into the white collar. Boo. We shall now refer to the white collar as a soft ecru.

When I wore it, I knew I wanted to let down the hem, but I think it's always good to wear something first to make sure, and so I can decide how much. There was plenty of fabric up in this hem so I have now lowered it around 6 inches back to what looks like the original length, to a nice spot just below my knees.

vintage forties dress g

So, on Saturday Mr Esme and me went shopping for fancy dress costumes (I was Captain Brucebeard and he was Lady Pancetta – there might be photos) at the Savers in Brunswick. I hadn't been there for a while, and I was SHOCKED by the prices. Still, we got what we needed, and then I got what I wanted, too – a sugar hit in the form of two macaroons. I'd already squashed one of them on the short walk back to the car, so decided to have them both there and then. Nom.

vintage forties dress h

vintage forties dress e

And just after my lovely Loved one took my photo, he pointed out the name of the house we were next too..!

vintage forties dress f

vintage forties dress b


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