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Monday, September 26, 2011

Info Post
It's been some time since I posted my last  RA comic cards (HERE). Did you think I've been neglecting Richard? I haven't, in fact. Maybe you haven't had  any sign of my RA - related activity here on my blog, that's true. It is only that I'm trying to avoid writing about him on FLY HIGH when I actually haven't anything special, new or important to say. You and I can find daily - or almost daily - posts on so many other blogs and in so many other sites online that we haven't been experiencing much the inevitable withdrawal due to the NZ confinement.  Well, I can't say I'm not longing for something new with him before December 2012 (can't write this without a fit of anxiety, is it really still that far?) 
Now,  I decided  to play with Harry, Geraldine and Rosy "the pretty one" today, as usual with the help of my husband and his iphone. But, before you have a look at these new cards and get the wrong impression, I must  state some indispensable remarks beforehand so that it is perfectly clear : I LOVE GERALDINE GRANGER .  I'm sure she and Harry will have great fun together as a couple and that they live happily ever after in Dibley. Amen. 

Here we go. I hope you'll enjoy them. MG 

Harry had a dream ...


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