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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

vintage button dress

I have a new vintage dress! This one is from the 1950's, and has my favourite details: a white peter pan collar, buttons down the side, the amazing tailoring and fit and fabric us vintage lovers get spoiled by... and it has a matching capelet!

After yesterday's amazingly warm weather, it has been freezing cold today – so tights and a cardigan and a jacket were needed. The little cape was not going to keep me warm enough. This jacket is part of another 1950's dress set – and I will show you that another time soon! For now I am happy playing mix and match. I needed to wear my sparkly cardigan under it – that is how cold it has been today!

vintage stripe jacket

And so I am in our old bedroom, which is going to become a sort of study and wardrobe (clothes racks!) room for me. A dressing room! I know, I'm pretty lucky with that. There are other compromises, though, believe me, involving multiple bikes that live indoors with us. Right now, this room also has a whole bunch of other stuff in it that usually lives elsewhere, and I can't quite fit the camera in the corner there and for some reason could barely get a pic in focus for the life of me, but that's ok. I am busting to get some spring cleaning done, so this can be a starter of the before pics – and the before is pretty scary. I can't wait till it is finished and I can revel in the after, with everything tidy and in its place!

And I need to clean this mirror, and find homes for the stuff in those laundry bags...

three faces

This morning I finished editing my pin curl tutorial video..! At least I think I have finished. I keep chopping bits out to make it as short and concise as I can. It is pretty basic (do NOT laugh at my editing! Well, ok, just a little bit – you won't be able to help it, really) and I would LOVE to have it set to music or something like that. Still, I think this is the best way to explain things, talking and showing as I go. I will probably post it tonight, after taking a few deep breaths and maybe a few deep sips of wine first!

Now I am having a cup of tea, trying to keep warm, and getting ready to cook some delicious salmon with fresh dill for dinner, maybe with boiled potatoes and some parsley from my wild parsley tree that is getting a bit ridiculous out there in our herb patch. That way dinner will be warm and filling but still remind us of the spring that is sort of springing at the moment. It's so close now. And then I can wear my capelet with my dress and no tights and not freeze. Good times. I am staying in with the Loved One and making important future plans, and being generally cosy (a much nicer word than lazy, yes?) watching some great films from a wonderful friend out in SA. I hope you have a lovely night too, whatever you are doing! See you very soon!

vintage stripe jacket peter pan collar

vintage button dress cardigan jacket

vintage dress cardigan diamonte

vintage button dress side

button dress vintage

me laughing bye


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