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Friday, September 23, 2011

Dave Cockrum/Bob McLeod
Dave Cockrum/Bob Wiacek
Dave Cockrum/Rudy Nebres
Walt Simonson/Klaus Janson
Walt Simonson/Klaus Janson
Rich Buckler/Klaus Janson
Rich Buckler/Klaus Janson
In 1979, Marvel Comics launched their Battlestar Galactica comic book series. In issues #1-3, writer Roger McKenzie and artist Ernie Colon adapted the premiere telefilm, "Saga Of A Star World," while Issues #4 & 5, by McKenzie and Walt Simonson, adapted the following two-part story, "Lost Planet Of The Gods." Starting with issue #6, Marvel began publishing original adventures, also written by McKenzie, with pencil art by Rich Buckler. Inker Klaus Janson provided the finishes on most of the run.

Unlike Star Trek, Galactica's type of space opera better lent itself to the Marvel Comics style of storytelling, and Simonson and Buckler, in particular, really had a handle on the material. It also appears that Universal gave the company a bit more leeway than Paramount had given them on Trek, because their Galactica series really pushed the concept and introduced a lot of great ideas.

I really love this series - especially the issues that Simonson worked on.

I'll post the second batch of covers shortly.


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