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Monday, June 27, 2011

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poshco d

A couple of days ago I wore my late 50's early 60's (what is it with me liking the cuspys?!) dress. I just love this one; the print is great and it fits like a glove. This is the dress that has the matching jacket I posted about a little while ago. I didn't wear it with the jacket on this day though, but with a purple silk blouse and my black jacket, with my black vintage beret and brown gloves for outdoors.

poshco y

It was such a stormy, dark day that day that it was hard to get pics in my gloomy room here, so do forgive me! I played with the settings, I tried... but even with a full wall window, two trees and a Melbourne mid-storm black sky is just too much for my camera!

poshco l

poshco x

vintage dress, beret and gloves, op shopped Jigsaw blouse and Per Una jacket, Melissa boots and one beloved curious kitteh

poshco z

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