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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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To tell you the truth, I like to keep my skin care simple. As much as I sometimes like the idea of fancy products, I tend to avoid them, and prefer to use a few select reliable favourites. I have sensitive skin which needs to be handled gently, and anyway, my initial response to most products is that it's snake oil. Beautifully packaged, delicious smelling snake oil, yes, but it's still snake oil!

One thing that does crop up for me, though, is the thought of the chemicals in the products I use. I do get tempted by organic or natural skin care ranges now and then, but I also know I need to tread carefully; a rather nasty reaction about a year ago to some cosmetics, noted for their natural approach, has left me very wary. Still, for topical lotions I use to care for my skin, organic and chemical free obviously sounds like a better idea.

This is why when the Jojoba Company approached me with an offer of testing out some of their range, I accepted. I like that they are an Australian company, and that their approach is eco conscious – their website tells us they are "... committed to a sustainable, green future.". They sent me the Jojoba Absolute Serum and the Pure Australian Golden Jojoba.

I used the Absolute Serum on my face, but my eyes seemed a bit sensitive to it after a day or two so I stopped. I should point out that I obviously wasn't using it on, or near, my eyes! It does have quite a strong smell, but it's not a cheap-y, perfume-y smell. The smell has grown actually grown on me, and I went on to try it on my hands, with no bad reactions. It does make the back of my hands lovely and smooth. I'll show you sometime! It also has a nice non-greasy feel, which I like for my hands.

jojoba b

I decided to try the Pure Australian Golden Jojoba on my arms. I have super sensitive skin on my upper arms (why? why?!) so I have to be really choosey about what I use here. I am happy to say that the Jojoba worked a treat, and definitely soothed my often angry-about-something-but-who-knows-what arms. Again, the smell of this is quite strong, different to the Absolute Serum and, again, I quite like it; it has a wood smokey, cigar-y smell that isn't too overpowering. My arms feel really silky and smooth, and this is definitely my favourite of the two. Nice!


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