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Monday, June 6, 2011

Fellow Bloggers,

You are cordially invited to participate in my first ever Blogathon. I've been wanting to dig into the Criterion Collection at some point, but I thought I'd never get through it without some help. That's where you come in, fellow bloggers. Send me reviews you have of any Criterion releases. The reviews don't necessarily have to be of the Criterion DVDs themselves, though if they are, that's great. And if you have anything to say about the extras, that's great too.

You can see a full list of the Criterion Collection films here (along with links to all my Criterion reviews). And to submit your reviews, either leave a comment on this page with a link, your blog's name, and your rating for each film (adjusted to be out of 4 stars), or you can email the links to me at

Please pass this along to any other film bloggers you know. I think it could be a lot of fun, but not without lots of participation.

I'm also going to give away some prizes! The individual who submits the most Criterion reviews to me, as well as the person who refers the most people to the blogathon, will win a regularly priced (i.e. $39.99 or less) Criterion DVD or Blu-Ray of their choice! I will run the contest through the rest of the summer. On Labor Day, I will tally the results and contact the winners about their prize. Finding the person with the most reviews will be easy. To keep track of the person with the most referrals, we'll do this: Any fellow blogger you refer should give me your name or blog's name along with the reviews they submit. If they don't, it won't count as a referral. Sorry, but that's the fairest way thing I can come up with (unless someone has a better idea).

Looking forward to reading your reviews!

*Note: The blogathon will be ongoing, so you can submit any number of reviews at any time. I will post monthly updates promoting any new reviews.


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