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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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Bob Larkin
Steve Leialoha

Dave Cockrum/Klaus Janson
Bob Wiacek
Dave Cockrum/Klaus Janson
Frank Miller/Klaus Janson
Dave Cockrum/Klaus Janson
With the release of Star Trek - The Motion Picture, Marvel Comics got their hands on the license to produce Trek comics. Their agreement with Paramount only allowed them to use elements that appeared in the first movie (or so they believed), so there were no overt references to events or incidental characters from the original television series.

After the three-issue movie adaptation (also sold as a collected edition in the Marvel Super Special magazine format), they moved onto original adventures.  The artist of the first few issues, Dave Cockrum, was a big Trek fan, and managed a pretty fair job of rendering the familiar cast and settings in a "Marvel" manner, although later artists weren't quite as successful at finding the right balance between appropriately Star Trek-like storytelling and the company's standard super-hero aesthetic.

Here's a gallery of the covers to the first six issues, plus Bob Larkin's cover to Marvel Super Special #15. I'll post the remaining covers soon.


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