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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Care for tea, Bebe cat?

On Saturday we went shopping for a new old wardrobe, dressing table, garden table and chairs set and a little breakfast table. So of course we found a sofa. I have been looking for a floral sofa with the perfect colous and print for so, so long now that I didn't think I would ever actually find one. But we did! And no, Bebe does not care for tea.

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It's pretty small, which I thought was great – we can just put it in the back of the car! Easy! No need for delivery! Except that it was about 1 1/2 inches too big for our car. After a good half hour of shoving, grunting and swearing, and finding out good things, like "oh, look, the legs come off, now it'll fit!", bad things, "oh, wait, only one leg comes off, crap" and a kind offer of help form a passing stranger (Brunswick, I love you) we managed to get it in, more or less. Ish.

wiorpa e

And I love my new sofa! Babycat does too. I think the Mr will forgive me soon enough.

wiorpa z

I got this cardigan and these wide legged pants on Monday. I love this cardigan; I saw it at the shops a while ago, but it had gone when I went back to buy it. Pouts. I was very glad to see it back in stock again. I already have some really wide black pants (trousers!) that I love, and can't believe I haven't posted about yet. Soon, soon. These rust ones are just perfect, too. Swish swish. I've also taken to wearing stronger eye shadow. Good times. I really like it! This is using Sportsgirl eye shadows, which are cheap but really quite good.

wiorpa f

Cardigan from Forever New, pants from Sportsgirl, sofa from op shop, cup and saucer from Clara Fox.
I will do another post on the cardigan (and the pants!) with a bit more info, I think next week or so. 

Oh, and if you were wondering what that strange thing poking down above my head in the pictures above...

wiorpa g

Now, I am going on a bike ride. Have a lovely Wednesday!

EDIT & UPDATE I will do a post on this hair style, with the rolls and so on, next week; I am getting my hair cut first, next Tuesday!

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