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Monday, June 13, 2011

heagla a

sunglasses // sportsgirl
trench coat // vintage
cardigan //  forever new
dress // a couple of years ago
scarf // thrifted

I needed some sunglasses in a hurry today – I broke my usual pair a couple of days ago and needed a pair for a sunny bike ride. I didn't like any of the standard ones I saw at the shops this morning, so I went for the cutesy choice instead – red heart sunglasses! I actually really quite like them!

heagla b

This is my favourite repro dress, and I don't think I've worn it on the blog before. I love the fit, and it's got little brown and yellow birds on it, and white piping... I love it. Of course I'd been sat in a car for a while before I took these pics, so the cotton is a bit wrinkly – one day, one fine day, I might just take outfit pics before I leave the house. We'll see. I do need to add some press studs to the placket to make it sit just right, but it's not an urgent job. I also need to get a little screw for my old pink sunglasses (the old one is somewhere on a northern Melbourne street) – much more important! x

heagla e

heagla d

heagla c

heagla g

heagla f


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