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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

melash a

Without a doubt, my Melissa Ashanti boots are my most complimented shoes. Complimented, and then asked about. Like all Melissa wearers, I'm sure, I always get the same questions about them, and they are the same questions I wanted to ask before I got a pair, too! Here are the answers, which I hope will help you!

Are they comfortable?
Yes! They are bouncy, like running shoes (trainers), and the heel is quite low so they are good for walking in all day. The sole is quite thick without being a platform, so I can't feel the ground and all the lumps, stones and so on (I hate that feeling, hence my love of platforms) through them.

Are they, erm, uh… do they breathe?
Every single person who has asked me this has been so polite, and avoided the sweaty word. I appreciate it! And it's ok, because no, they aren't sweaty at all. They are kind of flocked on the inside, so they feel like they are lined with felt. It's super-soft and, amazingly, airy. I don't understand how – they're waterproof rubber – but I find they breathe as well as leather shoes. I've worn my Ashantis for over a year now, and they still have that famous Melissa smell. And no other smell. And now we'll move onto something less gross…

What is the sizing like?
Having recently worn them in absolute comfort on rainy but not-that-cold days, I realised something about the size. After last winter I thought they came up small; I got the larger of the two sizes I usually wear in shoes, and thought they were still a bit tight. I have the same size in my cream Melissa VWs, and those are a bit too big – I really should sell them, but that's another story – so I just thought that the sizes were really inconsistent. Now that I've worn them in cold and rainy weather over the last couple of weeks, I've worked out what's going on – they don't keep my feet warm. In fact my feet freeze in them, more than in any other vegan shoes I've worn. My feet get so cold in them that they go a bit numb, and this is why I thought the shoes were too tight. But no. They are on the small side, though, and if you are deciding between two sizes, I would recommend the larger one.

EDIT: Here are some comments regarding Melissas which I think are also really helpful :) Click through the link to these awesome blogs, too – awesome vintage outfits, sewing tips, illustrations and good tunes... enjoy!

‪Sarah‬ said...
I agree, my Melissa shoes are the most asked about of any pair! And I'm, glad you agree about that "melissa smell" I thought i was just being silly, but it does have a sort of... floral smell? when you take them out of the box! Strange! Thanks for the advice about them being small, as they definately don't stretch. xo

‪Esz‬ said...
Aaaah the eternal allure of Melissas - Great to hear these are comfy. 

They certainly aren't *sweaty* shoes haha.

Do you find in winter they are a bit more annoying? I've noticed with my VW Mary-janes, if I'm wearing stockings my feet slip around inside the shoe quite a bit making them more uncomfy to wear for extended periods...whereas in summer I don't get that at all.
That said, the Mary-janes don't have the flocking on the inside so that could be just that style. The flocked ones probably have more grip against nylons.

I'm just waiting on these beauties to arrive from the UK

They are to replace my VW Mary-janes so I'm hoping they're comfortable. Who can resist a shoe with KITTIES on them?? ;-) I want all three colours!

‪Veronica Darling...‬ said...
As a fellow Melissa enthusiast, I concur on all accounts!

And, yes, I get asked all the same questions when I wear mine! An extra observation, I find that if I buy a closed toe version, it's too tight and need to go up a size. But if it's open toe (like my grey Amazonas pair) I buy my right size.


Rae‬ said... (there was no link left by Rae)
I have several pairs of Melissa shoes, and thought I'd add a bit more information about them to your post in case it helps anyone else.

Melissa shoes are always super comfy! Really nice padding and thick soles in their high-heeled shoes, and usually a thick pad in their flats too.

I did find sweat to be a little bit of a problem with my Melissas, but only when I wear them with just bare feet, no socks or tights. The good thing about them, though, is that you can just wash them so they're always clean and Melissa-smelling. Also, they're basically indestructible.

The sizing of their shoes is terribly inconsistent, to the point that I wouldn't recommend buying them off the website without trying them on somehow first. 

Hope this comes in useful to someone!


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