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Saturday, July 23, 2011

metmax f

I got this 1960's black skirt with gold and silver metallic stripes a few months ago, and couldn't wait for it to be cold enough to wear it. Remembering all the warm clothes I had waiting to be worn definitely helped get me back into loving winter again :) Even though right now my hands are so cold I am struggling to type..!

metmax b

Anyway, I wore this on a day off and, having managed to skip the entire day before thanks to sleeping off a cold, I had a lot to do. So I pretended that I didn't feel as though I'd inhaled a kilo of really rough sand and got dressed up. (Dressing up when you are sick always makes you feel a little bit better). I did decide that perhaps my fluffy shrug was a little bit much for running errands, such as buying a roasting chicken (organic, grain fed, number 12) and op shopping (one dark red round case-like bag, one beautiful vintage nightdress and a cute skirt for spring) but was perfect for dinner later, even if dinner was at my Mother-in-Laws.

metmax d

I also wear my turban quite a lot, and my husband, who initially was not exactly a fan and kept calling me Naboo, has come to really like it. I love it. It is also really helpful when you have wasted a great set in bed and have day-after hair.

metmax e

I want to point out that this metallic skirt is not super shiny, but rather a soft, glowy, antique-gold colour. This shows it the most...

metmax c

Have a great weekend! x

vintage turban, gloves, skirt and belt from op shops
fluffy shrug from topshop
leather jacket from just jeans yeeeaaaarrs ago

metmax a


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