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Monday, July 25, 2011

blajac b

I love the simple details on my vintage (1940's) jacket. It is half of a skirt suit, and both the skirt and the jacket fit me so perfectly – well, apart from the slightly-too-short sleeves, of course, but I am more than used to that! I think I need to get a cuff/bangle/bracelet collection going, to decorate my exposed wrists.

Anyway, I love this jacket so much and always find that I am compelled to do my best Nick Cave inspired dancing when wearing it. It also shows why witches only have black cats...

blajac a

blajac d

These are my Tara Starlet sailor shorts. I've had them for a while and worn them so much that soon they will need replacing... they are so perfect that I want to make a pattern from them, and make myself more pairs in different fabrics. Velvet could be nice, and so could a beautiful soft wool.

And I remembered to wear my ring!

vintage jacket
woolly vest, lacey blouse op shops
tara starlet sailor shorts (almost worn out)
ring and hair flower from lovisa

blajac g

blajac c


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