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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

pitrdi a

So, I have new hair! Which is exactly the same as my old hair. More or less. As in it is still long and dark, but it is different, believe me. I have had some layers put in and the whole lot thinned out (now whoda thought that was something someone would want to do to their hair?) and somehow, some magical way, turned back into silky shiny super duper hair. The difference is so great I don't know how I put up with my witchy mane for so long.

pitrdi b

The real difference, though, is now I can pin curl it. I can pin curl it and make rolls and up dos and all sorts! And I am a happy lady because of this :)

And here is a little peek of my new dress, too... it's my first Trashy Diva. I am a very happy lady.

pitrdi c copy


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