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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He seems to shout: "I've made it! Here I am, look at me. My dream has come true. I am in Hollywood on a red carpet" . To all those who thought it impossible. Who in an acting career wouldn't feel in heaven? He has risen through the ranks, working hard and so seriously for so many years. From being a worker in a Budapest Circus and a  smug man at party in This Year's Love to being one of the lead characters in one of Peter Jackson's  millionaire Tolkien movies.  However,  this is just one shallow interpretation of Richard Armitage's aggressive facial expression in this photo. One of the least probable, perhaps. Knowing his humbleness and matter-of-factness, I'm sure he is steady on his feet and deeply self-focused not to be distracted from his being Thorin  in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. That's a great goal . No time to gloat over his walking on a red (and not only red, it seems) carpet in Hollywood. 
These days, in fact, during a "hiatus" from the  New Zealand set, he is taking part in the merchandising of Captain America - The First Avenger, due to release July 22 in the USA and in Italy (for once!)

He admitted that this is the aspect in his profession he likes the least,  but  in his pursuit of success and satisfaction,  he knows he has to give in to the showbiz, vanity fair conventions. I somehow figure out  he would rather be in his T-shirt and jeans somewhere else or in his skiing equipment on a slope that in that dark grey suit + formal shirt + tie but ... he is an actor, hence he must be very good at pretending. He brilliantly pretended his belonging to that world. And he was good yesterday evening, wasn't he?  I'm even sure he tried to have a good time being there, 'cause he seems just the kind of man who always tries to get the best from any situation and to appreciate life.
Favorite news of the day: Richard's eyes lit up while meeting one of his most talented and lovely fans: Heather. He was especially happy to meet her and when  she revealed him she had once sent him a very special  gift, the Havoc Tour T-shirt, he was even more pleased and surprised. He  told her he still has it. That's the Richard I like!

"Bearded or not bearded" seem to be a new favourite topic of discussion in the forums, sites, blogs of the RA fanworld . My opinion? Bearded or shaved, I find him extremely charming and  above all I appreciate his being a chameleon. He becomes someone else while acting, definitely and totally another being. He IS Heinz Kruger, a wicked fanatic Nazi in Captain America, for instance and it is very difficult to recognize in his cold stare the kind gentleman we usually meet in Richard's interviews. 
Recently, we've had a glimpse of his metamorphosis as Thorin Oakenshield. Impressive. "Where is Richard?" I wondered the first time I saw the new still of the leader of the dwarves. He had become Thorin, he WAS Thorin in that shot. No trace of Harry Jasper Kennedy, Lucas North, John Porter or Thornton. Neither of Richard himself, except for  those incredible blue eyes. 
And that is something. That is talent. Even his voice sounds  slightly different in this period. Deeper. Is it only my impression? That's the dwarf inhabiting the gorgeous giant. World's tallest dwarf.

In all this summer turmoil, surrounding  Richard Armitage's career, I watch rather aside. I mean, I am interested in the turn his career is taking but not ... enthusiastic. I can see how happy and satisfied he  looks so I'm happy for  lovely RA. What I miss is "him in something I like." But this is asking for perfection, maybe for too much, isn't it? I know many of his fans are in heaven since they are Tolkien's fans at the same time. Not my case, though. Perfection to me was his being in Spooks, my favourite actor in my favourite series. Or his being Thornton, my favourite actor in a costume drama based on one of my favourite novels. No more, I have to surrender to the fact that that will be impossible for a while. At least until 2012. After that, fingers crossed. 

Anyway, stop complaining. Plans, projects, pragmatism! In a couple of days, on  Friday,  I'll  go to the cinema with my husband. And this time it is not he going and seeing one of the movies I like, but just the opposite. I will be watching one of the action movies he likes: Captain America. OMG, I'll be wearing a face like: "Mind you, I'm here just for the bad guy. I hate superheroes and special effects". Can you imagine that?  I can't miss the occasion to see RA for the first time on an Italian screen in a crowded theatre. For few minutes,  but he will be there. "Il primo di tanti" = "The first of many". Does my husband know? Yep. He does. He also knows he is not the first of many. LOL ...I mean, he's the only one!

In less than a month we'll have another date , with John Porter,  one of Richard Armitage 's lead characters. We watched Strike Back season 1 last year and we had the chance to know and start loving this new character but now we have to get ready to a new farewell. John Porter will appear in Strike Back 2 Project Dawn but just to say goodbye to his admirers. For good, it seems.  "Lord , I don't do this very often but just in case this on- the- knees stuff actually works, please can I ask you just a little favour? Don't let him die a violent death. I couldn't bear that again".

Before leaving you,  I'll suggest a litlle poll /survey. Do you prefer Richard's Interview 1 or Interview 2 re Captain America? Why?
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