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Thursday, March 17, 2011

trbrbiri b

My almost-husband and I went on a bike ride a few days ago. It was pretty perfect bike riding weather, too – I am so glad summer is winding up. I think I get a bit over some things at the end of the season; at the moment I am a leeetle bit tired of floral sun dresses – but then that is probably because I more or less lived in them during the past, what, four months or so. I will never be tired of floral dresses for long, though. (In fact, come to think of it, I have a great 1970s(-does-1930s) one I got a few weeks ago... I might have to wear that to dinner tonight. Yes, I think I will. Oh good. Decision made.)

Still, it was nice to wear something else, and a dark green silk skirt and a pleated 1970s top – made form only the finest polyesters, so not ideal for summer proper – topped off (or should that be bottomed?) with my black and silver glitter socks – which I really am very fond of at the moment. Will this pass? Who can say. With my most amazingly comfortable heels ever, it was a pretty good riding outfit – I did have to tie the skirt in a knot, though. Melbourne is a breezy little town...

trbrbiri e

And it was a lovely, long, bike riding day. Melbourne has some really great bike tracks, and this one has some pretty cool rusty (erm, not too rusty) old train bridges along the way. There was bike riding, there was jumping, and there was sitting down in some plush grass... and, despite the factor 30, I added more to my collection of freckles.

And a certain someone is making a bit of an appearance! Can you see him? Thanks to him for taking the pics of me. xxx

trbrbiri g

trbrbiri h

trbrbiri f

trbrbiri i

trbrbiri j

pleated cream 1970s top, thin black belt, cream vintage gloves :: op shops
green silk skirt :: h&m, c. 2002
black glittery socks :: country road (but I can explaaain... we were buying man jumpers)
shoes :: remix vintage shoes

trbrbiri k

trbrbiri c

trbrbiri a

trbrbiri d


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