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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 1980 Crown International Pictures space opera spoof, Galaxina, will be coming out on Blu-Ray disc next week (according to Amazon) from Mill Creek Entertainment. The movie stars the late Dorothy Stratten (Buck Rogers' "Miss Cosmos") as the titular Galaxina, the sexy android navigator of a space patrol ship crewed by idiots.

No confirmed info on how it compares technically to the BCI Eclipse Special Edition DVD of a few years ago (review HERE) although the Amazon listing has it labeled as being 1.33:1 pan & scan instead of the correct widescreen ratio, and no extras are listed. It is paired with another Crown International drive-in "favorite," The Crater Lake Monster (1977), which is pretty boring, but does feature some stop-motion monster sequences by the late David Allen.

Neither movie is what you'd call "good," but if you're a B-movie buff, it makes an interesting double-bill, and the price (SRP $14.95) is pretty reasonable. I don't know if I'll be picking it up - the Galaxina DVD is perfectly satisfactory - and in the proper aspect ratio w/extras - but I would like to have a copy of Monster, bad as it is.... hmmm....

If you must have it, you can order it at a discount from Amazon here: Galaxina / Crater Lake Monster- Double Feature- [Blu-ray]

Now, if I could just find some actual release information about Shout! Factory's long-promised Battle Beyond The Stars Blu-Ray... if anyone comes across any news, please send it along.


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