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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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One of the shortest-lived genre shows in the history of network television, 1980's Beyond Westworld was canceled after only three episodes were aired (although five were shot) by CBS. It starred Jim McMullan as Delos Security Chief John Moore, who had to stop a rogue roboticist named Quaid (James Wainright) from using the Delos robot technology to replace key political, military and corporate leaders and thus, conquer the world.

I actually remember being pretty excited about the show - I first saw Westworld that year on videotape (for some reason, my high school had a copy of it on 3" black & white tape, which, as a member of the AV Department, I got to watch whenever I wanted, pretty much) and thought the idea of expanding on the Delos robots and their potential for misuse had a lot of potential. I also remember that Connie Selleca (a couple years before The Greatest American Hero) was smokin' hot.

But obviously, I was just about the only one watching, because it was gone so fast that for years (before the Internet came along) I couldn't convince anyone that the show had actually existed.


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