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Friday, October 26, 2012

black floral peplum finger waves c A month or so ago I finally got some vintage metal finger wave clips. I'd been having all sorts of ideas about doing some finger waves in my hair, but, although I had a few experiments with some sectioning hair clips, I had never actually got the clips you do – or at least, I do – in fact need. At last!black floral peplum finger waves hblack floral peplum finger waves eblack floral peplum finger waves dblack floral peplum finger waves f And after all that time, I then let these clips sit on my dressing table, as I waited for the right time to give them a go. I need to pin curl my hair first, and I do that on freshly washed hair and then leave it overnight. The thing is, even on my curled hair, I know I need a good few hours of having the finger wave clips in for them to work. And who has several hours in the morning to spend pootling about like that?

I did eventually find the time to start experimenting, and I know this sounds terrible, BUT: I managed to find a way to put them in and sleep in them. Yeah, it's an attractive bed time look. I was happy to find that they do work without the need for awkward slumber, and so, a few weeks ago, I popped them in after work to style some finger waves for a night out. It worked really well... black floral peplum finger waves _j ... except I was still trying to sort out my pin curl set for the right side of my hair. My neat waves were tipped by some crazy, loopy curls. I tried more brushing out. I tried adding hair spray and brushing out. I tried adding gel and brushing out. But no. My bad curls were well and truly set and there was only one thing left to do. Water! Of course that meant having a practically straight section, which is far from ideal – but it pays to pick the lesser of two evils in life, I find, and this applies to hair, too. With a bow clipped in, I was pretty happy with my first real attempt with clips. Now I want to get some more clips so I can do all around my hair, and I want to have a few more plays with both softer and more defined waves, too. Hopefully, though, that won't involve any overnight clip action! I'll keep you posted with my results. xblack floral peplum finger waves _kblack floral peplum finger waves i


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