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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

brogues aHappy Wednesday! Here is a Wednesday from a couple of weeks ago. I like Wednesdays; close to the weekend but still with plenty of last-weekend-rest energy to do things with. Hair curling clearly wasn't one of those things. Sometimes I like to leave my hair straight as it is good for your hair and head to have a bit of a rest from pin curls. I obviously also decided to leave the flyaways on top au natural, too. brogues cI don't wear heels every day, either! This hasn't been all choice recently, though. I hurt my leg a few weeks ago enough to involve public limping, and I refuse to limp in heels. My asos brogues are so comfortable and got plenty of wears. My leg is mostly better now, and I've been back in heels. brogues dI am very lucky as I don't have to be at work at the crack of dawn. I treated myself to a coffee at my favourite local cafe. brogues eI look at interior magazines more than fashion ones at the moment. I'm so nesty – maybe because it is Spring? brogues fI do eventually have to go to work, of course. Sometimes I'll stop and actually look at the view from where I park, and notice how different it is to anything in London. It's so unfamiliar, and yet familiar, at the same time. It's also very beautiful. So close to the mountains. brogues gI try to be good and take a flask to make sure I drink enough water. When it's cold – and it was still pretty chilly, don't be fooled by the bright sunshine – I like hot water and lemon. I know, it's such a health cliche... and it makes me feel very, very good. lacework treesThe houses in this part of Melbourne are really pretty. treehouse melbourneThere is an impressive tree house. petal confettiAnd lots of flora. zebra wallAnd fauna. inner melbourne skylineI like the old, weathered and mismatched buildings here. brogues bAfter work, it was nice to have a package waiting for me back home. A new vintage dress. It fits perfectly. evening houseThen it was off to a friend's house for dinner. couch kickinI made myself at home on the couch. mr kittyAnd then the cat made himself at home on me. me wine hoorayHere's to Wednesdays! tomato salad houseBonnie cooked up an amazing meal. tomato salad bowlIt included a Tuscan tomato salad. I tried to make it a few days later but it wasn't as good – I think the tomatoes I used were too watery. rosa coasterI really like the floral coasters. tart chopBonnie makes the best tarts in the world – and the most amazing sticky orange syrup to drizzle on top. To Wednesdays! tart syrup pour


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