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Friday, August 31, 2012

Let’s Have Some Fun

I am for a number of reasons happy to watch the month of August 2012 receding in the rear-view mirror. Let’s hear it for September. I thought that instead of crafting some offering, weighty or otherwise, it might be interesting to ask some questions and get some answers. Obviously, you don’t have to answer them all or even participate to begin with; and I won’t comment on answers (as Gallagher says in another context, it’s okay to laugh, just don’t point!).

Here we go. My own answers follow each question:

1) Last book I read: GONE by Randy Wayne White
2) Last television show I watched: Copper
3) Last movie I watched in a theater: Cast Away, in 2000 (yes; it has been that long since I have been to a movie theater)
4) Last movie I watched at home: Body Heat
5) Last music CD I listened to: The Complete Ric & Ron Recordings, Vol. 6
6) Last person with whom I spoke on the telephone: my younger daughter
7) What time I went to bed last night: 11:10 PM
8) What time I woke up this morning: 5:20 AM
9) Strangest thing that happened to me in August: I took my daughter to her doctor and the office receptionist lost my driver’s license and medical insurance card
10) If I were having one last meal, I would I want it to be?  Zapp’s Voodoo potato chips 11) and a bottomless glass of Barq’s Root Beer
12) In September, I am looking forward to: The Cutting Edge Entertainment Law Seminar in New Orleans



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